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Broadloom Installation


If your house has not already been measured for installation, our measuring specialist will contact you shortly to make an appointment. Usually we can measure your home within 4 working days from receiving the measuring order. Please give any special installation instructions to your salesperson, who will convey them to our installation department.


Carpet cushion is necessary to form a good foundation that absorbs the impact of foot traffic. It also increases the insulation and sound reduction benefits of carpet and prolongs wearability. Choose the best carpet cushion you can afford for the type of carpet you have selected. Remember that thickness does not necessarily equate with quality.


You may rest assured that all carpet installations are done with the highest of professional craftsmanship.

Our sales experts have over 100 years of combined carpet experience and can discuss with you any concerns about location of seams, appearance, savings in yardage and types of carpet. Please take a moment to review the following points that can be overlooked as our installation professionals will only do the work which is indicated by you, on your order form.

  1. Carpet in closets
  2. Upholstery
  3. Moving kitchen appliances
  4. Removing existing carpet
  5. Reinstalling carpet
  6. Reinstalling quarter round, please note that old quarter round tends to break upon removal and Elte cannot be held responsible should this happen

Elte professionals are not permitted to cut and re-hang doors. Please reread the order form so that you are assured that everything we have promised to do is clearly stated. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak with your salesperson.


When your carpet is ready, we will contact you and make arrangements for the installation of your carpet. Once an appointment is made with our installation department, it will be kept. However, we will not be able to specify the exact time of day at which our installers will start work. If you need to postpone an installation, please notify us as soon as possible as we book appointments up to two weeks in advance.


Before the installers arrive, remove as much furniture as possible from the work area, and all valuable and breakable objects. Please note that we still require you to remove all valuables and breakables even when Elte is moving your furniture. For proper installation and stretch of the carpet your home temperature should be at 15-18 degrees C. Our installers try to be as careful as possible while bringing rolls of carpets through doorways and up stairs, but sometimes a carpet roll can touch the walls or baseboards. Please keep some paint on hand, as a small touch-up might be required.

All stereo, computer and electronic equipment should be disconnected prior to installation. If our installers have lifted your old broadloom, they will gladly dispose of it for a nominal fee, or they will place it in your garage, yard or basement. Please advise your salesperson of your preference.


If you wish to have your carpets installed in phases (one room at a time) please advise us as early as possible. We are able to store your carpet in our warehouse for 30 days from your original installation date. After this time we will deliver your carpets to you C.O.D. and, if you are able, we can set a new installation date. If you are unable to take delivery due to construction, we are able to provide you with the names of storage companies whom you may contact.


Please let us know if construction delays could change your prearranged installation date.


  • Remove all expensive and fragile objects on or in furniture
  • Disconnect any audio or video equipment
  • Remove or hang any window covering which may accidentally be soiled
  • Empty floor area in all closets including long dresses
  • Empty wall units, china cabinets, and bookcases
  • Remove or protect any hanging lamps, low mounted lighting, or hanging plants
  • Baseboards, stair spindles, and walls may scratch and should be protected. Touch-up may be required
  • Remove any loose wiring to prevent damage
  • Advise Elte as soon as possible if your home is equipped with radiant heating pipes
  • Remove all mirrors or any ornaments hanging low on walls
  • If chest freezers are to be moved, please empty contents one half hour prior to installation
  • In order to prevent or minimize any damage while carrying carpets into your home, please provide installers with the best or easiest entry
  • Please disconnect all security wires and wiring under your carpets
  • Pool tables, pianos, large sectional wall units, fish tanks and computer equipment should be moved by the customer or by moving professionals

It is your responsibility to complete the preinstallation list above. Please Note: If doors are to be cut please contact a carpenter as Elte is unable to do so.


Seams are not invisible, and do show. It is important to note that several factors will highlight the appearance of seams.

  1. Natural lighting will cast shadows revealing ridges on seams. Natural lighting will also enhance the appearance of seams when side to side matching is done. It is not a result of different dyes.
  2. Cross seams should be avoided where possible, however doing so may increase the yardage.
  3. Some colours show seams more readily than others, the lighter the colour the more likely the seam will show.
  4. Popular short loop carpets like Sisals, Velvets or Berbers are more likely to show seams than other thick luxurious broadlooms.


Our installers will pick up all scraps of carpet and place them in the garbage. If you provide our installers with a vacuum cleaner, they will gladly vacuum the installation area when they are finished the job. Small mats for binding should be brought back to Elte by the customer.


We Canadians spend ninety percent of our time indoors, at home or at work, and often in energy-efficient buildings that lack sufficient fresh air ventilation. It is important to note that various construction materials, surface finishes, interior furnishings, renovating and cleaning agents, play important roles in the quality of indoor air. We recommend ventilation of 8-72 hours when carpets and other interior renovation materials are installed.