Women's Empowerment Centre

leading change in rural india

Women's Empowerment Centre

In 2009, Elte began funding the Women’s Empowerment Centre, which offers basic education to women, as well as training in sewing and stitching. The Centre assists women with purchasing their own sewing machines to start their own businesses – enabling them to earn an income and help support their families.

giving back to bhadohi

Known as the ‘carpet city’ for its extensive history as the rug weaving hub of India, Bhadohi is the rural village where Elte has crafted rugs for over 60 years.

creating opportunities

In rural villages in India, there are a number of powerful taboos that keep women out of the workforce. There are also a lack of flexible job options for women, as well as the safety policies needed to protect them.

Since it's inception in 2009, over 540 women have completed the program, and 49 of these women have gone on to start their own businesses.

"The Centre is helping women establish their own flexible and safe work opportunities, enabling them to gain financial independence. We’re so proud that the Centre has such a profound impact on their lives."

-Jamie Metrick