Cire Trudon Candle Cire Trudon Candle

Cire Trudon Candle

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Manufactured at the Trudon workshop in Normandy France using unrivaled know-how inherited from master candle makers, the Cire Trudon Candle is the emblematic product of the historic Maison Trudon. Coming in three sizes, this scented candle is made with carefully harvested beeswax and was poured by hand into unique hand-crafted glass. Dedicated to delivering evocative olfactory experiences, Trudon upholds values of tradition, quality artisanship and storytelling with each fragrance.

  • Size: 4" x 3.5", 9.5 oz
  • Number of wicks : 1
  • Burning time: 55 to 60 hours
  • Size: 5.3" x 6.3", 28 oz
  • Number of wicks : 3
  • Burning time: 110 to 120 hours
  • Size: 7.1" x 8.5", 105 oz
  • Number of wicks : 5
  • Burning time: approx. 300 hours
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    Abd El Kader - A gust of freedom blowing from the Mascara coast and the mountains picks up on its way the green scents of fresh mint, the rashness of fights, ginger’s hot and peppered air and the perfume of tea and tobacco from the Ouled Nail tribe…
    • Head Notes: Blackcurrant Bud, Lemon, Clove, Ginger, Mint, Apple
    • Heart Notes: Jasmine
    • Base Notes: Vanilla
    Cyrnos - In its aromatic citrus garden, the sunny Cyrnos villa welcomed the flamboyant upper crust of early-20th century high society. Queens, poets and artists met in the shade of fig trees and parasol pines. They enjoyed a fabulous view and the easy life so typical of the blue Mediterranean shores. The villa benefited from Roquebrune’s air of scented lavender mixed with the dry aromas of Provence...
    • Head Notes: Lemon, Myrtle, Thyme
    • Heart Notes: Cedarwood, Black Fig, Lavender, Pine
    • Base Notes: Cashmere Wood, Musk, Patchouli
    Gabriel - introduces welcomed warmth to chilly Winter afternoons. With notes of leather, cashmere wood, and candied chestnuts, the fragrance weaves happy, cozy memories.
    • Head Notes: Birch Wood, Glace Chestnut
    • Heart Notes: Cashmere Wood. Moss
    • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Musk, Patchouli.
    Josephine - The muffled light of dawn slips through the flower beds. A fine shadow sneaks among the roses, jasmine, camellias and irises. With her delicate green thumb, she awakens the dazzling fragrances of a garden with an imperial destiny....
    • Head Notes: Bergamot, Kaffir Lime, Spices
    • Heart Notes: Chinese Camellia, Egyptian Jasmine, Turkish rose
    • Base Notes: Iris, White Musks, Santal d'indonesie
    Solis Rex - Inspired by the elaborate parquetry of Château de Versailles’s famous Hall of Mirrors, this regal perfume radiates vapours of wax, candelabra and palace. A sumptuous trail of incense weaves through a tapestry of coniferous trees, cut with solar rays of citrus fruits.
    • Head Notes: Eucalyptus, Orange
    • Heart Notes: Fir's Bark
    • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Incense
    Spiritus Sancti - Splinters of crimson, gold and olibanum, heady and holy perfume of altar candles, luxurious wake of the senses and perfume-burners where amber splutters : under the nave of a cathedral, the jubilant choir and the holy scents rise into the souls.
    • Head Notes: Aldehydes, Incense Vapors
    • Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley
    • Base Notes: Benzoin Resin, Labdanum


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