Conduit Balance Candelabra

Designed by John Sheppard

Conduit Balance Candelabra

Size 15"w x 8"d x 8"h


Inspired by midcentury Brutalist architecture and building materials, this candelabra balances a strong substantial base with delicate hardware. The base is handcrafted of rich red-brown stoneware with a velvety whitewash finish or gilded in 21k moon gold, upon which are mounted three unfinished brass candle cups, perfect for tapers. Handmade by New York City-based ceramic artist John Sheppard.
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Stone and Unfinished brass

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Designer Spotlight

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John Sheppard

John Sheppard is a New York City-based ceramic artist whose work is characterized by clean geometric shapes inspired by a range of influences, including nature, Brutalism, Richard Serra, Art Deco, and outer space. Each piece is formed and finished by hand, ensuring layers of depth and texture, and often embracing irregularities rather than disguising them. The end result is a collection that feels of-the-moment, yet timeless.