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Linea Wood Vase


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The Linea Wood Vase is a beautiful piece of minimal design handmade in Hiroshima, Japan. The Linea vase series has a particular beauty thanks to the skilled craftsmen that make them. In order for the wood grain to stand out and be felt when held in the hand, the makers use a series of polishing and finishing techniques. Each vase is finished by hand to make sure the colour balances with the grain. Elegant design that has a timeless appeal.
  • Small - 4"w x 12"h
  • Medium - 4"w x 15"h
  • Large- 4"w x 18"h
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Handmade in Hiroshima, Japan, the elegant and minimal Linea Wood Vase Collection celebrates the beauty of wood grain. Using a series of polishing and finishing techniques, skilled craftsmen create a balance between the vase's colour and grain while enhancing its tactility.