Ribbon Wrapped Vase

Ribbon Wrapped Vase


$135.00 — $245.00


The Ribboned Wrapped Vase in clear grey features a gold protruding ring in the middle of each vase. The hand-blown coloured glass is formed in steel moulds creating a very regimented and machine age shape. The true artistry of these beautiful glass objects is the hand-applied ribbon of complimentary coloured glass. Each ribbon is unique due to the hand-applied nature. Some ribbons are thicker, some are thinner, each is as individual as the person placing the ribbons. The top edges are ground to a perfectly smooth surface on large stone and water fed grinding wheels.
  • Small - 5"w x 12"h
  • Medium - 6.25"w x 16"h
  • Large - 7"w x 19.75"h
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