What To Bake & How To Bake It

What To Bake & How To Bake It

By Jane Hornby

Size 10.5"l x 8.5"w


What to Bake and How to Bake It is the ultimate cookbook for amateur bakers looking to master the classics and expand their repertoires. Each of the 50 delicious and accessible recipes is accompanied by photographs of the ingredients, a clear image of every step and a stunning finished dish shot, ensuring foolproof results every time. Every element of the bakers craft is covered, from everyday cakes and cookies to special occasion breads and pastries.
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About the Author

Jane Hornbyis an experienced food writer who specializes in creating inspiring, reliable recipes that can help anyone to become a better cook and baker. After training as a chef, she spent six years at the BBC''s bestselling cookery title Good Foodmagazine. For the past decade Jane has contributed recipes and food styling to the UK's top food magazines alongside writing books


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