Handmade Objects

Handmade Objects

Partnering with contemporary ceramicists from around the world, Elte has commissioned small batches of one-of-a-kind ceramics to create the Handmade Objects Collection. Every piece is made without the use of molds or casts, each reflecting the hand of its maker.

Inspired by nature and the slivers of light peeking through trees, Tara Vaughan's pieces form a sublime play between balance and form.
The organic feel of each Tara Vaughan piece is the result of a slow
process comprised of coiled and slabbed techniques, evoking the
imperfect beauty of natural forms.
Characterized by organic forms and asymmetrical balance, ceramicist Re Jin Lee's pieces reflect the surrounding softness of nature and unpredictable moods of self.
Featuring the ancient Japanese technique of Raku, the process includes using special glazes and a fuel-burning kiln.
Award-Winning ceramicist Caroline Blackburn uses a combination of colour and texture to achieve a painterly surface
"Each art work is made by hand. It starts with throwing a form on the wheel and then working intuitively through hand building until it is complete."

- Caroline Blackburn

Cym Warkov creates timeless ceramic vessels from porcelain that are inspired by architecture and human form.
Inspired by brutalist architecture, artist John Sheppard's work is characterized by geometric forms that embrace irregularities, rather than disguising them.
Artist John Sheppard's Wall hangings are crafted from handmade tiles which are then shattered, glazed multiple times, reassembled and mounted onto wood panels.
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