Arcolor Side Table

Designed by Jaime Hayon for arflex

Arcolor Side Table

Emperador Brown Marble/Matte Black Finish


Drawing parallels with iconic Roman aqueducts, Jaime Hayon's Arcolor Side Table reimagines functional design through the lens of classical geometry. Giving an organic feel to its silhouette, Arcolor showcases a strong coherence and rhythmic repetition, with a base of arches gracefully touch the ground.

The tables come to life through its rich material palette, featuring noble marble and vibrant lacquer colors that harmoniously contribute to a balanced atmosphere.
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Jaime Hayon, born in Madrid in 1974, is a renowned Spanish designer and artist celebrated for his eclectic and imaginative approach to design. Hayon's diverse background influences his unique design language. With a focus on blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, Hayon has collaborated with leading design brands worldwide. His portfolio includes furniture, lighting, ceramics, and interiors, all characterized by a playful yet sophisticated style.

Notably, his collaboration with Arflex has produced designs that exemplify his ability to infuse elegance into functional pieces, contributing to the brand's legacy of timeless and innovative furniture. As the recipient of numerous awards, Jaime Hayon continues to make a significant impact on the design world, creating pieces that transcend trends and provoke thought while maintaining a timeless and elegant appeal.


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  • Width: 19.75”
  • Depth: 19.75”
  • Height: 17.25”


  • Width:
  • Depth:
  • Height:

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  • Seat Width:
  • Seat Depth:
  • Seat Height:
  • Arm Width:
  • Arm Depth:
  • Arm Height:

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arflex is an influential Italian furniture company founded in 1947, recognized for its pioneering use of foam rubber in design, exemplified by iconic pieces like the "Delfino" Armchair. Renowned for collaborations with leading designers, arflex seamlessly merges innovation with timeless aesthetics, offering a range of contemporary furniture celebrated for its comfort, functionality, and enduring style.