Cartoccio Tall Bowl

Handmade by Paola Parenetto

Cartoccio Tall Bowl


Size 16" x 20"


With a captivating sculptural silhouette and a truly elegant texture that dances with the light of the day, the Cartoccio Tall Bowl embraces imperfection and asymmetry. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the handmade bowl was crafted with Parenetto's signature Cartoccio (husk) textural style that provides intricate, corrugated ribs and a tactile feel.

This bowl uses a signature blend of cellulose fibers along with slip clay to create her signature paper clay, which allows this piece to be incredibly lightweight for its size while maintaining durability.

This piece is signed by Paola Paronetto and handmade in Italy.
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  • Handmade paper clay


Esteemed Italian ceramist, Paula Paronetto, is known for her expertise in clay working techniques.

Working from her ceramic workshop immersed in nature, Paola creates each object with meticulous care, preserving the secrets of her technique. The poetic essence of her creations intertwines with the enchanting Italian landscape, creating a micro-world where creativity thrives through a mixture of influences and harmonious dissonances. Paola's work embodies a reverence for the earth and water, emphasizing shared values and the anticipation inherent in the artistic process.

Paola Paronetto's artistic impact extends globally, contributing to the recognition of Italian style. Paola's creations continue to captivate audiences with their evolving shapes, colors, and unmistakable artistic expression.


  • Width: 16”
  • Height: 20”


  • Width:
  • Depth:
  • Height:

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  • Arm Width:
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