Dear Botanics Salt Bath

Dear Botanics Salt Bath



With a focus on sensory experiences and natural ingredients, Dear Botanics' bath uses a blend of organic ingredients along with dead sea salt to provide a skin-relief and create an atmosphere of pleasant emotion.

Crafted in small batch, this product is completely plant-based and comes in a 8 ounce glass bottle.


Add your desired amount directly to warm running water in a full body bath tub, or bowl for a foot soak. Slip in immediately to enjoy skin-soothing relief.

Made in the USA.
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Floral Mineral - Dead sea salts petaled with organic flowers of chamomile, rose, and lavender. Sending you into a soothing, cleansing relief.

Made with organic chamomile flowers, organic rose buds, organic lavender flowers, dead sea salt, organic lavender essential oil.

Citrine Soak - Bathe in this grounding blend of dead sea salts, organic calendula flowers, and a citrine crystal. Citrine is sunshine encapsulated in a crystal, powering up your solar plexus chakra and helping you manifest your wildest dreams.

Made with citrine crystal, dead sea salts, organic calendula flowers, organic oat powder, organic ho wood essential oil.

Rose Quartz - Nurture yourself in Himalayan salts, organic roses and a rose quartz crystal to open up to divine love. Rose quartz is legendary for its ability to heal heartbreak, attract new love, and open hearts to new levels of forgiveness, compassion, and Love, Love, Love.

Made with rose quartz crystal, organic rose buds, Himalayan salt, organic ylang ylang essential oil.




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